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5 Personality Traits We’re Emulating From Jia From Singles Inferno

We love a confident queen.

If girlboss was in a form of a person, it would probably look someone like Jia Song from Singles Inferno.

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When it comes to dating shows, Netflix has not been lacking in that department with hit offerings like Too Hot to Handle. And one recent show that has caught people’s attention is Singles Inferno, Netflix’s first ever reality dating show based in Korea.

The premise of the show sees a group of sexy singles be placed on and island and the only why for them to get out is to go on dates with the other cast members. As you can expect, it made for an exciting watch thanks in part to the cast the show had.

jia singles inferno

One cast member that has caught the attention of both the cast members and viewers is Jia Song. The moment she appeared on screen, she garnered attention for her stunning beauty and Asian Barbie-like visuals. And as people got to know more about the 25 year old, it was revealed that Jia was a #girlboss master who knew she was hot and knew what she wanted. She had the looks, the clothes, attitude, money, and most of the boys wanted her. She even is friends with a few K-pop idols.

Yes, the way Jia looks is a big reason why many people like her and that’s not something many people can replicate nor is she the perfect role model. But what is attractive about her is her attitude and how she carried herself on the show, traits that could help change your outlook on life. With that being said, here are a few life lessons from Jia Song we’re taking with us for the rest of 2022.  


On Singles Inferno and her YouTube channel, FreeZia, Jia has been unapologetic about how much she likes herself. She has said that she is her own biggest fan and there’s nothing wrong with that. While for some people, having this level of self-love can be seen as narcissistic or self-centered, it shows that you have a high opinion yourself. It’s about time we stop belittling ourselves just for the sake of other people. Don’t be guilt tripped into thinking that seeing yourself in a high standard is a bad thing. Of course, there is always room to learn from our mistakes and grow. But if some people get pressed, then let them stay pressed, that’s not your concern.


They say making a good first impression counts, and that was aptly true for Jia on Singles Inferno. The moment she stepped into the island, the contestants and viewers already had eyes on her. She became a fan favorite from the jump and as people got to know her more, she was actually nice and a fun person to be with. In your daily life, it really does help to make a first good impression with the people you meet. Whether you are on a date or doing a job interview, leaving a good impression on who you are taking to is your key to standing out from the crowd. Even if you don’t have the looks of Jia, attitude and confidence alone is good enough for many people.


As the show went on, it was clear that Jia wouldn’t show that much emotion in the dates she went on. This doesn’t mean she didn’t care but because she had high standards. It gave her a bit of a mysterious aura which is why when she should affirm and acknowledge the guys, it made them feel good about themselves because they felt that they unlocked a new layer to her. It’s safe to say that Jia stayed didn’t let many things get to her which is something some of us should try to emulate in our lives.

We sometimes have a tendency to have the smallest of things affect us in profound ways. Or we let the haters get to us and crack under the pressure. It’s important to note that being unbothered does not mean we don’t care or don’t show emotion when necessary. We can get hurt or get in our feelings but a strong heart and mind is what is going to help us push forward. The best way to annoy our haters is to show them that we don’t care, because at the end of the day, we know what’s best for us.


Jia has expressed in the past that she has high standards for herself and doesn’t get impressed easily. On Singles Inferno, Jia knew what she wanted and was looking for someone who matched her standards. In her intro clip, she even said that she doesn’t play games when it comes to dating. This 2022, like Jia, let us not lower ourselves to other people’s standards. Instead, hold them up to what we expect from ourselves because as the end of the day, we are the ones who are going to get hurt in the situation. As they say, do not praise a fish that knows how to swim. That is to be expected.

Aim for that person who is real and genuine and don’t settle for good enough. If the person you are dating is just not it, then it times to move on and find someone better, someone you deserve. In relationships there is a give and take. But you shouldn’t be the one to sacrifice the most and bear most of the burden. If they think that your standards are way too high, then that person is just not meant for you.


One of the most admirable things about Jia is the way she carries herself. She is very confident in herself because she knows her worth. She’s young, rich, and beautiful, and acted accordingly. While some people may see this type of behavior as being arrogant or a b*tch, especially if you are a woman, you’re just showing them that you deserve your respect. If you bring yourself down, people will treat you like you aren’t worth it. If you carry yourself with confidence, people with notice and treat you as such. Jia knew exactly the woman that she is and acted in a way that is reflected of that. Believe in yourself and be the best person you can be.

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